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    Radboud University Press Dissertation Series

    Radboud University Press presents the Radboud Dissertation Series offering a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your academic journey. 

    Radboud Dissertation Series Highlights

    PhD candidates pursuing their doctorates at Radboud University have the opportunity to publish their dissertations with Radboud University Press as part of the Radboud Dissertation Series. The individual dissertations will gain visibility within their specific field of study through indexing.

    Radboud University Press will provide process guidance and control and handle administrative tasks throughout the publication process. Your dissertation will be professionally designed and produced. Dissertations will be formatted according to the house style of the Radboud Dissertation Series.

    Before publication, you can order a maximum of 80 copies of your dissertation and a maximum of 135 booklets containing a summary and a QR code that links to the digital version of the dissertation for friends, family and acquaintances. It is always possible to order more copies at your own expense. Once published with us, your dissertation will remain available as a free download in PDF format via our website. Paper copies can also be ordered at any time on a print-on-demand basis. This ensures that those who prefer a physical copy of the dissertation can obtain one at a reasonable cost that covers the production expenses and delivery costs.

    After the promotion, RUP will take care of the financial settlement with the faculties, so you won’t have to advance any money or need a receipt from the Repository.


    For more information please contact us at: dissertations.radbouduniversitypress@ru.nl.

    The Radboud Dissertation Series officially started in January 2024. For print-on-demand options of our dissertations, please go to: https://www.boekenbestellen.nl/radboud-university-press/dissertations.